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New Leaf Addiction Service

Are you struggling with a DEPENDENCY, worried you may be ADDICTED to a SUBSTANCE or BEHAVIOUR?

Have you become uncontrollably RELIANT on ALCOHOL, DRUGS, FOOD, TOBACCO or SOCIAL MEDIA?

Are you trying to BREAK FREE from prescription drugs/anti-depressants that are no longer needed for medical reasons?

Is the time you spend on your mobile or the internet INTERFERING with your PERSONAL or PROFESSIONAL life?

Are different areas of your life being negatively affected by your BEHAVIOUR or SUBSTANCE ABUSE?

At New Leaf we provide one to one, confidential, discreet and affordable private treatment, support and advice to help you GAIN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE.

At New Leaf we can offer a range of approaches and therapies that are tailor made to fit YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. At New Leaf we can support and assist you towards a HEALTHIER PLACE both EMOTIONALLY & PHYSICALLY.

What Can New Leaf Do To Help Me?

New Leaf Addiction Management Treatment Services are primarily aimed at people who feel that they have, or are developing, a dependency on (for example) drugs, alcohol, tobacco, food, the internet , prescription medication - in fact, any kind of mood altering behaviour that might cause problems to themselves and others. The service was founded in 2015 by Jethro Rowland and Sarah Tahir. Jethro is an acupuncturist who has specialised in addiction and worked in many addiction treatment settings for over twenty years. Sarah is a counsellor and psychotherapist who has worked with addiction.

Society has a lot of pre-conceived ideas about what is seen as addiction, and the way we view those who are ‘addicts’. Sadly, even in the 21st century, there is still considerable stigma attached to the stereotypical view of the addict – and this can often prevent people from seeking help. The problem is compounded by the fact that other kinds of treatment service are recovery based. Whilst many of these services are effective, their clients are often required to attend meetings in group therapy sessions, or attend on a regular daily basis and be totally abstinent. There is often a somewhat ‘one size fits all’ approach to dependency treatment does not suit everyone.

We offer an alternative for those who would feel uncomfortable in a group therapy setting, or unable to attend services on a daily basis due to work or other commitments. Not everybody wants or is able to be totally abstinent, for example some people may drink too much alcohol that may affect their health, and emotional state, but that doesn’t mean they are alcoholics, they just need to control their drinking. For that we offer a harm reduction approach which seeks to help people reduce the harm their lifestyle is causing them and those around them. Other people may wish to be totally free of their dependency, in which case we can help them work towards that. Our treatments are personalised to suit the individual needs of each client. We believe that people get into addiction for many different reasons and that people will be at very different stages of their journey. We deliver services in a holistic way, which is non-judgmental, non-religious, discreet and totally confidential. We take the humanist approach and help to empower people to gain control of their life and their situation, and we are there to facilitate that journey.

After an initial assessment, we develop a treatment plan in which the client is involved at every stage, using a variety of approaches depending on what suits the client best. This includes self-help tools and techniques to help people cope with cravings, goals, and stress management and therapies such as traditional acupuncture and herbal medicine, dietary advice, integrative counselling, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), meditation and mindfulness.

We are developing a complete package that will help people with addiction and dependency issues gain control of their lives.

Jethro & Sarah.