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Helen Blacker
Helen Blacker Reflexology

Speciality Women's Health Coach & Reflexology

Education College of Naturopathic Medicine & London School of Reflexology

Website Womens Health Hub

Helen Blacker

Stevenage Chiropractic Clinic – Hertfordshire

What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that is based on the theory that different points and areas on the feet, lower leg, hands and face correspond with different areas of the body. Reflexology is an ancient therapy which has been practised for over 5000 years and it is believed that working these points or areas can help aid relaxation, improve mood, release tension, enhance sleep and can generally help improve wellbeing; allowing us to cope better with the stresses that life can bring.

Your first visit will be a longer session (1hour 15 mins) as it will include a consultation where you will discuss your medical history and life style. This will enable the therapist to decide which specific points to work on and to tailor the reflexology treatment to your needs.

During the reflexology treatment you will be laying or sitting down (depending on your circumstances) and the therapist will have access to your feet. Gentle pressure will be applied to your feet, ankle area and lower legs. You may feel a slight discomfort in certain areas but this will be discussed with the therapist after the treatment. Most people find the whole reflexology experience very relaxing and often fall asleep during a treatment. With facial reflexology pressure techniques are applied to specific nerve endings, or reflexes on the face. Facial reflexology helps to release muscle tension, increases blood circulation to the skin and strengthens layers of skin tissue leaving the face looking smoother and more toned with a natural healthy glow. Additionally over a series of sessions there may be a reduction in lines and wrinkles.


Helen has a background in biomedical sciences and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. She retrained in reflexology at the London School of Reflexology with Louise Keet (one of the UK’s leading reflexologists). She gained her qualification in 2013 and is a member of the Association of Reflexologists (AOR). Membership of this association is a mark of quality and reflects that her training is up to the highest standard. She has additional qualifications in pregnancy and fertility reflexology. Fertility reflexology training was taken with Seren Natural Fertility, who work with leading fertility centres throughout the UK.

She has a diploma in health coaching and trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine(CNM). She is a member of The Association of Naturopathy and the UK and International Health Coaches Association(UKIHCA). She has taken further education in women’s hormonal health with Future Woman. She is also a health writer.

She specialises in women’s health and can help women to feel better about and within themselves.

She has Professional Liability & Malpractice Insurance.