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What Are Orthotics?

Orthotics are devices worn in your shoes that provide correction in your feet, helping them to function more efficiently. Poor foot function and alignment may be the cause of various pains such as foot pain, hip pain, knee pain and back pain. Your feet are a complex system of 52 bones, 66 joints, 214 ligaments and 38 tendons and muscles. Even the smallest imbalance in your feet can cause pain. Left untreated, chronic foot pain can prevent you from leading the active lifestyle you desire. Custom orthotics help rebalance your feet, reducing pain and discomfort by enhancing your body’s natural movements.

How Do Orthotics Help?

Your feet are the foundation of your entire body. They do an incredible amount of work each day. The smallest imbalance can cause a great deal of discomfort, but properly fitted prescription orthotics help restore the normal balance and alignment of your body and bring relief from fatigue and pain. Orthotics are so comfortable, and help your feet work so naturally that you will want to wear them as much as possible.

The Wearing Of Orthotics

Inside your shoes your feet rest comfortably on the orthotics. Your feet are gently and consistently forced into the correct functioning position for walking, running and standing. Pressure points, improper rotation of the foot, painful muscle strain and abnormal forces on the legs, hips and spine are eliminated because orthotics enable your feet to function properly.

What Is TOG Gaitscan?

TOG Gaitscan is the most technologically advanced gait analysis system available today. It comprises a plate covered with thousands of tiny sensors that accurately measure the distribution of pressure through the sole of the foot, both standing (static) and walking (dynamic). The information from these sensors is then processed through specialised computer software to provide a 2D or 3D visual representation of the pressures under the feet and a detailed analysis report. This aids your chiropractor in evaluating your foot function and determining your need for orthotic therapy.

What Happens After The Scan?

Should orthotics be indicated for you, the wealth of information from the gait scan and the chiropractor's evaluation of your foot mechanics are combined to produce an individual prescription which is used by the Orthotic Group laboratories to manufacture your custom foot orthotics. The orthotics are generally made of flexible, moulded thermoplastic (typically 2-3mm at their thinnest point) and fit comfortably in the shoes. There is a wide range available, from those for everyday use to specialist orthotics for sports enthusiasts or professional athletes.