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Women's Health

Natural Support for health and wellbeing

Are you feeling unmotivated, do you have low mood and poor sleep or are you stressed and getting overwhelmed? Health Coaching could help you to get your ‘mojo’ back, have more energy and feel more balanced.

My name is Helen and I am a women’s health coach, I work with women to help them to feel better in themselves by empowering them to make small changes, that can make a difference.

How can health coaching make me feel better?

Health coaching looks at what is going on with your health and lifestyle. Often we don’t realise how external factors can be impacting how we feel, and this can have a knock-on effect on our health.

We look at your stress levels, sleep, digestion, mood, hormonal health, movement and nutrition, to name but a few and see how you can make changes for the better. The changes are personalised to you and we explore what will help make a difference to your health.You are supported along the way, and this accountability can help you to stay motivated, and keep you on track. You will learn techniques that you can take forwards in your life, and come away feeling more balanced and healthier.

Why should I come to you?

I have a background in biomedical sciences and trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. I am also a member of The UK and International Health Coaches Association (UKIHCA) which means my training conforms to a high standard. I specialise in women’s health and I have undertaken further education in women’s hormonal health (Future Woman), which I felt was really important, as hormones are fundamental to all systems of the body. I work in a very personalised and holistic way. There are flexible options to work with me too to suit your needs, a short programme or longer one.

If you would like to find out more why not set up a free 30 minute call, so I can tell you all about how I can help you make changes to help you to feel better.

Contact me at or take a look at my website at

Helen Blacker BSc(Hons), MAR, MAAR, Health Coach DipCNM