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Whether you need relief from stress, muscular pain and joint restriction or simply want to relax, each massage treatment is tailored to your own individual needs.

Remedial Massage

In Remedial Massage both Eastern and Western massaging techniques are used to remedy a problem. The basic problem can be as buried and as far reaching as any of the following:

Acute or chronic Muscular Pain
Tension and Stress
Back aches
Heart disease
Emotional sadness
Migraines and Headaches
Inability to concentrate or relax

There are other disorders or situations that can be eased through Remedial Massage such as:

Drug Addiction Pre and post operative care
Stroke and cancer recuperation
Asthma and bronchitis
Weight imbalance
Labour pains

Whilst no guarantee of cure can be given, research continues to highlight the benefits of Complimentary Therapies in the easing of physical and emotional problems and the subsequent enjoyment of improved health.

How will it feel?

Related as it will be to a particular problem, the massage will be designed to be either totally relaxing or stimulating, deeply manipulative or exceptionally soft and gentle. Other related techniques such as Shiatsu, Accupressure and Manual Lymph Drainage may be used in the course of a treatment as the situation requires.

Additional Aids

Aromatherapy essential oils will often be used, chosen for the own special qualities in providing optimum benefit.
Radiant infra red lamps are an aid in the relief of pain and provide further relaxation of muscle tissue.
Mechanical massage equipment will sometimes provide an alternative manipulative therapy.
Background music often assists the relaxation process.
Mind relaxation techniques may also be used in appropriate circumstances.

Swedish Massage

Vigorous and energising techniques are used to improve circulation, mobilisation of the joints, release muscle tensions and improve muscle tone. It also helps to reduce cellulite.

Deep Pressure Massage

Firmer deeper movements used to rich deeper layer of muscles. Relieve tension, aching muscles and helps ease the mental stress of daily life.

Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage

Vigorous and energising techniques are used to improve circulation, mobilisation of the joints, release muscle tensions and improve muscle tone. It also helps to reduce cellulite.

Aromatherapy Massage

Using a nourishing mix of carry and essential oils prepared specifically to your skin type and preferences. Relaxes facial muscles, removes toxins and smoothes your skin. Makes you feel beautiful and pampered.

Aroma Facial

Calming and balancing treatment using the healing powers of essential oils. Personal blend is made to suit your preferences and to help your body heal itself. Leaves your skin smooth and awakens your senses.

Relaxing Head 2 Toe Massage

Very relaxing treatment involves massage to your face, scalp, body and feet. Pressure is added only in places where needed to release the muscle tension. Gentle massage strokes are adapted to release physical and mental stress tensions.

Lavender Lux Massage

This is a signature massage with touch of lavender essential oil. Very light and long massage strokes helping release mental stress and sweep away your worries to bring harmony and balance in your body mind and spirit. This treatment is up to three hours long.

After care suggestions:

As your circulatory system has been stimulated drink plenty of water to remove toxins from your body. Eat only a light meal so as not to over stimulate your digestive system.

Rest and relax to allow your body heal itself and to increase the benefits of the treatment. Try to avoid alcohol, nicotine and caffeine - they are increasing stress and toxins in your body.

Book your next treatment to maintain your well being and have something to focus on when you have an "enough of daily life" moment.

Think positive "Yes, I can. I do. I am." And smile it easies tension and helps you feel positive and happy.